Introduction to the School

Association, which has approval as a public institution by the Japanese Government, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. For many years, we have been the trusted school of countless international students, foreign governments, national embassies, private companies - both domestic and foreign - as well as various scholarship associations.

Message from the Principal

公益財団法人アジア学生文化協会理事長 日本語コース校長小木曽 友

The Asian Student Culture Association, which operates the school,
is a public-service corporation established in 1957.
Since establishment, we have been providing Japanese-language education and accommodation to overseas students who arrive in Japan.
We have also worked together with overseas students towards publications, etc.

The entire teaching staff pledges to support those who have strong intentions
to enter Japanese universities. We are certain that through learning in this school,
it will be a huge stepping stone for each and every student in their respective career path.

Chairman of the Asian Students Cultural Association
Principal of the Japanese Course, Shiraishi Katsumi

Features of the School



As one of the few Japanese language schools established as a public entity, we have the trust of foreign governments, national embassies, and various other organisations.

Rich data

We have collected rich data regarding foreign students in graduate schools and universities in Japan, as well as scholarships available to overseas students. Additionally, information regarding scholarships, Japanese university entrance examinations and the publication “University Entrance Guidance for Privately Funded Foreign Exchange Students” has been made publicly available on the internet.


Intensive, full-time study

Full-time intensive courses and college preparatory courses, aim to support and strengthen your Japanese language ability. In addition to Japanese language classes, we provide foundation courses in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, and general education; the stepping stones to success in university admissions.

International exchange

Students are able to study in an impartial environment with other students from all over the world. Cross over national borders and make friends in the large lobby spaces around campus.


Excellent results

Entering higher education is extremely important to exchange students following their graduation from Japanese school. The ABK Japanese Course provides guidance on university admissions and explanations about the Japanese educational system. Additionally, teachers provide support to each individual student regarding school choices, necessary document preparation, and interview practice.

Safety and Security

Personnel, administrators and tutors are available to support the safety and security of student life. Rapid response is always possible in the case of sudden illnesses or accidents. (Asia Bunka Kaikan and Yamabuki Dormitory)


Directly managed student dormitories

Beginning with the Asia Bunka Kaikan, we operate the Somei Dormitory, Yamabuki Dormitory, Sugamo Dormitory and the Sengoku Dormitory. These living spaces cultivate student interactions and friendships across ethnic groups and countries.

Various events

A wide range of events are held, including: regional festivals, cultural activities with Japanese university students, table tennis tournaments, karaoke events, and an autumn festival featuring food from students’ own countries.

Scholarship system

Students wishing to enter university or vocational school are introduced to a range of scholarships. Every student can have confidence in the ABK Japanese course as a huge step in their career advancement.
Scholarship Title Amount Received Benefit period Eligibility
Takayama International Education Foundation Scholarship ¥50,000/month 1 year Students continuing to university or graduate school
Gakushu Shoreihi Scholarship ¥48,000/month 1 year Students wishing to enter university or vocational school and enrolled in (Prep. Course 2) the University Preparatory Course
Gakushu Shoreihi Scholarship ¥30,000/month 1 year Students wishing to enter university or vocational school and enrolled in (Prep. Course 1) the University Preparatory Course
Gakushu Shoreihi Scholarship (Payment reservation system) ¥48,000/month 1 year after university admission Students entering an undergraduate course at university
Kyoritsu Maintenance co., Ltd. Scholarship fund scholarships ¥60,000/month 1 year Privately financed exchange students from Asian countries
Mabuchi Kokusai Ikuei Zaidan Scholarship Lump sum of ¥300,000
4 years Students entering a 4 year degree in a university in the Kanto region
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