Campus life

Bunkyo: The ward naturally rich in history and culture.

Located at the heart of Tokyo’s 23 wards, Bunkyo is abundantly rich in history and culture. Our school has walked alongside foreign students since 1957.

Annual Events

The ABK Japanese Course provides guidance with university entrance and TOEFL examination provisions. Additionally, there are a range of events such as local festivals, mixers with Japanese university students, and study trips, etc.
Students enrolling in October
Enrollment ceremony


・October's student enrollment ceremony and entrance orientation
・Japanese classes commence & ABK Autumn Festival


・Study trip & Physical examination


・Winter holidays, end-of-year parties, mochi pounding


・Spring holidays
Students enrolling in April


・April's student enrollment ceremony and entrance orientation
・Japanese classes commence/td>


・Physical examination


・Basic courses commence


・TOEFL presentation ・Examination for Japanese University Admission ・Seminars for university admissions


・Japanese language proficiency test ・Study trip


・Summer vacation ・Homestay ・ABK Japanese proficiency examination ・Basic subject examinations


・Private university applications commence ・Recommendation selections commence


・ABK Autumn Festival


・Examination for Japanese University Admission


・Japanese language proficiency test ・National University applications commence ・Winter holiday ・End of year parties ・Mochi pounding


・Basic classes end


・Examinations ・Japanese classes end


・Graduation ceremony

Students' Impressions

About the events (Autumn Festival)

・Taiwan (Female)

For the Autumn Festival, with the co-operation of my friends, I provided more than 100 cups of bubble tea. It was incredibly busy and difficult but working with my friends from other countries towards this same goal, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Being able to see a different side to them than just in the classroom, our friendship grew so much deeper than before.

About the university entrance instruction

・Taiwan (Male)

At ABK, they have prepared all the university documents perfectly, so you can look at whichever school you’re interested in at any time. And the teachers wholeheartedly support each individual student in regards to preparing for university. My teacher had a wealth of knowledge and experience about the exams, so I was able to get a lot of great advice.

About the classes

・Korea (Female)

I think the biggest difference between the ABK Japanese Course and other Japanese language schools is that the classes are full-time. With Japanese classes from 9:00 to 14:25 and basic classes from 14:35 to 16:15, I am able to study intensively. I heard from a friend whose classes ended early that he used his free time to work part-time, but the danger with that is that study may be put off. The preparation period for entering university is so short, so being able to concentrate on my studies in this environment was a great help to me.

About student life and classes

・Malaysia (Male)

When I had just enrolled, and when I still knew nothing about life in Japan, my teacher and the office staff asked me: “How are you finding life in Japan?” and “Are you having any difficulties?” Since they were concerned about me, I was able to consult with them immediately when issues arose. As regards study, there was a large amount of homework, and the classes and tests were quite tough but when I graduated I found that the Japanese ability I had learned stuck with me. I’m really glad that I studied at ABK.